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Carul - Construção, Administração, Representações Urbanizações, S.A is a construction company based in Oeiras and was founded in 1968 in response to a constant evolution and opportunity in the real estate and construction market.

With a strict philosophy based on quality of construction, experience in project coordination and efficiency in cost management, we have elevated more than 57 buildings in the municipalities of Lisboa, Sintra, Oeiras and Cascais.

Having carried out more than 100 projects as a civil construction company, Carul establishes itself with a position with more than 50 years of experience and knowledge project management and development..

Trabalhador Carul em Construção em Aço Leve

At Carul, the future is always under construction.

Currently, maintaining its foundations of quality, competence and honesty, we have adopted new methods promoting innovation and modernization both in the service provided and in terms of technical quality. 

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We invest in a constant digital transformation that allows an evolution in internal and external communication, making all processes more efficient and automated for our customers, partners and team.  

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We seek to maintain and enhance our quality continuously by implementing new techniques and processes such as dry construction or Light Steel Framing, which allows for more sustainable solutions, faster, safer and more convenient maintenance.

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Each project that we plan and execute at Carul, is meticulously customized according to the profile, needs and determined objectives. different to develop. It is our role to provide a path that allows personal and professional fulfillment to those who work with us. 

Mission, Vision and Values

Apartamento em remodelação em Lisboa

Build a solid foundation for the client to achieve and live their projects. 

  • Honor our performance, a past of achievements, based on ethical and rigorous values, which should suggest to those who come after us, the same reasons of pride for the work done by our predecessors; 
  • Always act in accordance with the legal and moral rules prevailing in the environments in which it operates, providing the satisfaction of our customers, providing them with quality products at appropriate prices and ensuring excellent service standards; 
  • To permanently contribute to the satisfaction, fulfillment and personal and professional development of those with whom we collaborate; 
  • The pursuit of the company's various activities, in the strictest sense of respect for the country's economic, social, cultural and environmental development; 

We build in the Present, thinking about the Future.

Carul seeks to be recognized in the national market and associated with concepts of quality, innovation, transparency and rigor.

Our quality standard in the projects carried out and the service provided is defined by the requirement and rigor that we apply to details.

The need to follow the evolution of the market and trends allows us to develop a portfolio of solutions which are diversified edad to each profile. Training and innovation are indispensable in the planning and development of projects.  

The transparence and honesty are the foundations of our internal and external communication.  Our commitment is to people and what motivates them, be it a customer, partner or collaborator. 

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