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Civil Construction with more than 50 years

Starting from a specific client project, we carry out an analysis and study to format the best Construction product. We consider the market conditions and circumstances, the customer's profile and their needs, whether personal or professional.

Our critical project management methodology and budgeting experience allows us to participate as a solid partner. We recommend innovative solutions in response to the challenges proposed by the market and customer in order to achieve their goals.

Light Steel Construction

The construction in Light Steel or Light Steel Framing is a relatively recent method that applied to residential or commercial constructions, proves to be advantageous compared to the conventional model.

At Carul we seek the best solutions for our client. In this way, our experience in Construction Light Steel Framing allows us to create and recommend suitable products that correspond to the needs of the customer and at the same time of the market.

From the reduction in construction times to dry construction, the Light Steel Framing System is a solution for those looking to develop a project more quickly, cleanly and sustainably.

Since innovation is one of our great foundations, we repeatedly recommend to our customers, a construction using the Light Steel Framing System.

The Light Steel structure and the materials we use allow us to obtain a construction that is more resistant to the activity and at the same time reduce the construction time to one third. 

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